McMahon Limo
Police continue to hunt down the terrorists responsible for the McMahon limo bombing, even through the terrorist act resulted in zero casualties.

Federal law enforcement officials announced today plans for a renewed effort to solve the 15-year-old “cold case” of determining who blew up the limousine of sports-entertainment mogul Vince McMahon.  

The explosion — from which Vince McMahon somehow escaped completely unharmed, despite having climbed into the limo mere seconds beforehand — has vexed investigators since June 1997, leading some conspiracy theorists to suggest it was an “inside job.”

Among the theories that have been debated among true-crime enthusiasts:

  • McMahon’s limo was destroyed by a cabal of former promoters from wrestling’s territorial era
  • McMahon’s limo was destroyed by disgruntled investors who lost money with the XFL
  • McMahon’s limo had faulty wiring
  • McMahon faked his own blowing-up to collect on his high-value limo insurance policy

McMahon said he hopes he can solve this mysterious crime during his lifetime, because after that he’ll have no chance in Hell. 


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