Now that Logan Paul has made several appearances in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), wrestling fans worldwide are inching closer to a vague understanding of who in God’s name Logan Paul is. 

“I thought his name was Paul Logan, which made me think of Crocodile Dundee, which I guess was Paul Hogan,” said one commenter on a pro-wrestling Reddit forum. “So… who is this guy?”

A recent poll of wrestling fans showed that a whopping 87 percent of wrestling fans report having “no idea” who Logan Paul is, while 12 percent reported that they “pretend to know who he is.”

Most fans believe Logan Paul is “some kind of YouTube person,” while the others assume he is “a former NFL player or something.”

After extensive research, here is what we do know about Logan Paul: 

Logan Paul, a human male with an inherently dislikable face, is famous because he is famous because he is famous. Logan Paul occasionally appears in WWE. 


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