Professional wrestling fans love it when a long-term storyline gets a big pay-off, and many are demanding that WWE must finally “Finish the story” that began with the 2007 explosion of Vince McMahon’s limousine with the mogul inside it.

The hashtag #FinishTheStory has been trending on Twitter, X, and TOUT all day, accompanied by photos and footage of the billionaire’s apparent vehicular immolation and conspiracy theories about the culprit.

WWE quickly abandoned the Mr.-McMahon-Got-Blowed-Up storyline after something even realer and awfuller happened, and the McMahon limo bombing was never sufficiently explained.

The identity of the bomber will be revealed at WrestleMania, according to one insider who asked to be identified only as Baron C, and McMahon’s burned limo will be crushed into a cube and blasted from a cannon into the Delaware River.

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