jinder kurt angle
Jinder Mahal (second from right, veiny) reacts with utter surprise at being told he have to perform his job.

Professional wrestler Jinder Mahal expressed complete surprise and disgust this week upon being told by WWE Raw General Manager Kurt Angle that he would have to compete in a wrestling match on the wrestling program.

Despite being fully dressed in his ring attire — his bulbous muscles glistening with baby oil — Jinder appeared to be outraged by the mere suggestion that he, a wrestler, would face the indignity of having to wrestle against another wrestler.

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Mahal was doubly apoplectic when Angle added:  “And that match begins… right now!”

“This isn’t fair!” hollered Mahal, stomping angrily in his wrestling boots toward the ring.

Throughout the course of the Raw event, Angle made several more surprise match announcements, always to the utter shock and dismay of at least one participant, who was nevertheless fully attired for in-ring performance.

It seems at least half of the wrestlers backstage on a given episode of Raw arrive at the arena each week under the impression that they will not be required to perform the job for which they were hired.

Miraculously, despite the multiple surprise last-minute additions to the card, the episode of Raw ended exactly on time for the 1,549th consecutive week.