AJ Lee skipping
Some CEOs need practice to fully master the skipping technique perfected by AJ Lee (inset).

Chief operating officers of many Fortune 500 companies are adopting AJ Lee’s unorthodox-but-effective technique of skipping jauntily to meetings.

Richard Brasnon is believed to be the first early adopter of Lee’s buoyant entrances, having skipped many into Virgin board meetings and shareholder gatherings.

“The AJ Skip, as it has become known, is taking the corporate world by storm,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

“It has practically replaced the handshake and the exchange of business cards.”

Experts believe skipping toward meetings is an effective means for business leaders to assert their confidence, while at the same time keeping others guessing about their ulterior motives and strategies.

A number of CEOs, including Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai, have taken Lee’s influence even further by adopting many of her mannerisms. In business meetings recently, Hirai has cocked his head to the side, batted his eyelashes and giggled mischievously before skipping away.

This is not the first time the business world has adopted practices that originated in professional wrestling. A decade ago, many of the world’s most powerful business leaders goaded employees into joining the corporate “Kiss My Ass Club.”