Ann Coulter cunt
Offended by Anne Coulter’s (right) use of the word “retard” to describe President Obama, Eugene (left) has challenged the conservative pundit to a wrestling match.

Mentally challenged professional wrestler Eugene has challenged conservative political commentator Anne Coulter to a wrestling match following her use of the word “retard” on Twitter.

Eugene, a former WWE superstar and special-needs nephew of wrestling personality Eric Bischoff, was reportedly offended by Coulter’s derogatory use of the r-word in reference to President Obama, and challenged the inflammatory pundit to a fight.

Wearing an inside-out, red-and-white satin ring jacket, Eugene clapped his hands excitedly and proclaimed during a press conference: “Maybe I am a re-re-retard, Miss Coulter, but at least I’m not a s-s-s-stinky cunt like you!”

Eugene then challenged Coulter to a “no-holds-barred, lumberjack, falls-count-anywhere, retard-versus-cunt match in a steel cage!”

Added Eugene: “Yay!”

He then twirled around, tugged at his own shaggy mane of hair and made a flatulence-like noise with his tongue sticking out toward the cameras.

Coulter has not yet responded to the challenge.