Wrestling homophobic
Fans at a recent indy wrestling show were surprised by how homophobic — and yet strangely homoerotic — the action was.

Fans at a recent independent wrestling event in New Jersey were reportedly shocked by how blatantly homophobic — and, at the same time, strangely homoerotic — several of the matches were.

The peculiar dichotomy was most evident in a match depicting Brute “The Beast” Bearheart against Fabulous Fabio Fairweather.

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Bearheart, a tough-as-nails biker thug clad head-to-toe in leather, hurled insults at Fairwearther, calling him a “little fairy” and “tinkerbell,” and otherwise insinuating that Fairweather is a homosexual. Unfazed, Fairweather traipsed around the ring, making kissy faces at the referee and trying to slap Bearheart’s leather-bound posterior.

“In some ways, the was really anti-gay,” said one fan. “In other ways, the whole thing was shockingly super-gay.”

Although the match rehashed many outdated and insulting stereotypes about homosexuality, the in-ring action was almost indistinguishable from the antics that happened during an all-male “Cabaret Revue” at a gay bar several blocks away.

The wrestling show and the Cabaret Revue both featured oiled-up half-naked men writhing and rolling about in a series of tight embraces.

After he won the match, Bearheart said he “taught that pansy a lesson,” but many fans in attendance thought Bearheart’s outwardly anti-gay statements were clearly the rantings of a closeted homosexual in denial.

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