Paige tattoos
Paige really chose an odd location for her recent tattoo.

Hold on to your hats, wrestling fans, because you are NOT going to believe where sexy WWE bad girl Paige got her new tattoo!

Just yesterday, while Paige was reportedly out on the town with her beau, Alberto Del Rio, she decided on a whim to get her milk-white skin inked in the most peculiar place…

Dayton, Ohio!

That’s right, the brawling beauty got a tattoo of a black rose on her right shoulder at Big Zeke’s Tattoos and Piercings on Main Street in the sixth-largest city in the state of Ohio!

Crazy, right?

I mean, Dayton? Right?!

Paige and Del Rio reportedly went back to their hotel room at the Best Western Dayton I175 and stayed up all night long knocking boots, since their boots had become encrusted with dried mud after the pair walked through a construction zone near the tattoo shop.