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Wild Ian Campbell performs the moronically named “airplane spin” on Big Bruno Elrington

According to a noted wrestling historian, whichever dimwit invented and named the so-called “Airplane Spin” clearly didn’t know the difference between an airplane and helicopter.

“Obviously it should be called a helicopter spin,” said Oliver Warden, author of the new reference book The Encyclopedia of Wrestling Maneuvers.

“We may never know why it was called the airplane spin.”

The move — essentially a fireman’s carry in which the aggressor dizzies is opponent by spinning in place — is reminiscent of a helicopter with spinning rotors, but resembles no airplane in the world.

In his research, Warden traced the likely lineage of the move back to “Wild” Ian Campbell, who apparently wasn’t very good at identifying aircraft.

Although it is widely known that Campbell was never the sharpest knife in the drawer, nobody can quite explain how he managed to come up with such a comically inappropriate name for the move.