Damien Jake Roberts
Drago the komodo dragon (right, with Ricky Steamboat) during his WWF heyday, when he first started dreaming of eating Jake Roberts’ companion Damien.

Drago, the five-foot komodo dragon that sometimes accompanied Ricky Steamboat to the wrestling ring, still dreams blissfully about devouring Damien, the python that belonged to Jake Roberts.

“Mmmmmm,” thought Drago after awaking from a mid-afternoon nap on an electric heat-rock in Steamboat’s backyard terrarium. “Sweet, delicious snake meat…”

Due to its limited intelligence, the komodo dragon tends to think only about food, sunbathing and, occasionally, the exhilarating rush of performing in front of a live wrestling audience.

Although decades have passed since his last in-ring performance, Drago hopes he may once again accompany Steamboat to the ring. He especially hopes Damien will be there, since he would really, really like to eat that snake.

During the Steamboat-Roberts feud, Drago got tantalizing glimpses of Damien, but couldn’t take a bite out of the snake because his mouth was held shut with an elastic. He has resolved that, if he is ever in a ring with Damien again, he’ll figure out a way to get the damned elastic off.

Sadly, the dragon never got the news that Damien was squished to death by John “Earthquake” Tenta.