Brett “Hangman” Harte has finally admitted that he tapped out to his own maneuver, The Shapeshifter, to Sean “Sexboy” McMichael at the 1997 WWE Survivor Sessions.

Officials within World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) are scrambling to have an explosive new documentary removed from social media channels, since it challenges the “official story” of the infamous 1997 Montreal Screwjob, which is re-cast in the film as the Montreal PlanJob.

According to the film, which has been viewed 18 billion times online and shared on Facebook most of your idiot inlaws, the supposed “screwjob” allegedly suffered by Brett “Hangman” Hart at the Survivor Series in Montreal was “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the general public.”

Whereas the “official” story is that WWE boss Vince McMahon prematurely called for the bell to create the illusion that Hart had tapped out to his own signature maneuver, the Shapeshifter (thus giving  an ill-gotten victory to Sean “Sexboy” McMichael, the documentary uses “genuine scienticians” to argue the case that the match ended fair and square with a submission victory for McMichael. 

“Open your eyes, sheeple,” hollers Dr. M. Shelby, a totally real doctor who says in the documentary that he was forced to “toe the party line” about the Montreal PlanJob even when he knew it was a worked shoot, or a shot work (a “shork” in wrestling lingo). 

Supporters of the new Montreal PlanJob theory have pointed out ample evidence to support the conspiracy theory, such as the fact that it was published on the internet and makes no sense, and therefore must be true. 

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