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Uh-oh, crotchety old miser Scrooge McMahon looks like he’s gonna, heeee’s gonna, he’s gonna fire somebody!


Do you like to lau-ha-ha-haugh?

Well America’s favourite dysfunctional workplace — the wacky world of WWE — is going to keep you guffawing through this period of crushing loneliness with hilarious situations and characters who are literally unbelievable!

Last night’s episode, for example, was titled “Money in the Bank” and boy, those kooky WWE goofballs had me laughing all the way to the laughter bank!

Get this: all your favourite characters — handsome Drew, loveable Otis, L’il Rey-Rey, weird exchange student Asuka, mysterious Bray, brawny Braun and more — had to “wrestle” their way to the roof of WWE’s corporate headquarters!

And you know who else was there? All your favourite guest stars from seasons past! Remember Mr. Laurinaitis, the cranky, hoarse principal in the Lil Rascal Freedom Scooter? He was there! Remember Brother Love? He was there too — just finishing up a poop! Hilarious, right? OMG, I nearly pooped myself laughing!

Oh, and crotchety old Scrooge McMahon was there too, counting his money in his luxurious office, muttering “quite frankly” under his breath, wondering whether he should buy another dinosaur skull for the wall. Will anyone ever thaw his icy heart? I have a feeling that this season of hijinx will someday turn Mr. McMahon’s frown upside down!

If last night’s episode is any indication, this season of WWE is going to surpass its own high bar of hilarity. 

Will The Fiend be revealed to be none other than a masked Bray Wyatt? Stay tuned, and get ready to laugh! 

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