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Eugene “Gene” Snitsky denies fault.

Fans of professional sports-entertaining have been binge-watching the Vice series “Dark Side of the Ring,” which chronicles wrestling tragedies, including a new episode this week about the baby Snitsky punted. 

Narrator Mick Foley invokes a sombre tone as the episode begins: “In late 2004, the larger-than-life spectacle of WWE became all too real for six-week-old Timmy Dumas-Jacobs.”

Dimly dramatic re-enactments re-tell the heartbreaking story of how Timmy, the illegitimate son born to Lita and Kane was brutally punted into the 17th row by Eugene “Gene” Snitsky, who has since denied any fault for the incident. 

Thankfully the baby survived (early reports that it was a “doll” were quickly debunked) and is now 16, living with 

Other episodes of Dark Side of the Ring fans can expect in the upcoming season: 

A new spin-off show called “Dark Side of Dark Side of the Ring” will reveal the seedy underbelly and untold tales of the wrestling-documentary industry, premiering Wednesday called “Beyond Beyond the Mat.”

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