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Snooty aristocrat Hunter Hearst Helmsley (left) says his father-in-law Vince McMahon finds WrestleMania “way too long.”

During a recent press conference in England, Hunter Hearst Helmsley revealed that his father-in-law, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, has never seen a full episode of WrestleMania because he is “too busy.”

“I don’t know that Vince has ever even watched a full episode of WrestleMania start to finish,” said Helsmley, who was in London to announce the creation of WreslteMania UK, a version of the annual event that will be only available to European fans.

According to Helsmley, McMahon spends the vast majority of time “blasting his pecs,” brokering trillion-dollar deals with Saudi princes, and diving head first into his enormous swimming pool full of gold coins.

Helsmley said his father-in-law has “no time” for such frivolous activities as watching WrestleMania, Raw, or Smackdown.

But, Helmsley added, McMahon “never misses an episode of his favorite show, NXT.”


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