The so-called Creative Team of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) are reportedly living in fear after learning that their tyrannical overlord Vince McMahon had just belatedly become aware the 2012 viral hit pop song Gangnam Style by Korean one-hit-wonder PSY.

“Oh god, he’s totally going to demand we get a horsey-dancing Korean singing wrestler, I just know it,” lamented WWE Head Writer Dom Kasiello.

Panic-stricken WWE writers huddled today to craft pre-emptive responses to what they anticipate will be McMahon’s latest obsession with a long-past-its-prime fad (like the time, in 2021, he demanded that WWE create a MySpace page).

According to a backstage source at NXT (who, for the sake of anonymity asked to be identified only as Montel V.P.), every wrestler of Asian descent is trying to avoid McMahon’s gaze, lest he or she be “turned into a dancing fool riding an imaginary horse as their new gimmick.”

WWE employees are, the source said, “doing everything in their power to prevent Vince from ever seeing The Harlem Shake.”


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