Speculation is rampant among wrestling pundits and fans regarding the identity of a shadowy cloaked “higher power” that has been skulking mysteriously around the Impact Zone — and some speculate that the entity is none other than former TNA boss Dixie Carter.

One backstage source at TNA, who asked to be identified only as Cody D., said he overheard the druidic figure repeating a mantra in a southern lilt: “It was me, darlin’. It was me all along, D’Amore d’arlin’.”

Carter rose to fame on the sitcom Designing Women before earning her billions as top brass of TNA Wrestling during its heyday in a ratings war with WWE, but has not been heard from in recent years.

Wrestling experts speculate that the recent re-branding of Impact Wrestling back to its original monicker TNA (Tits ‘N Ass) Wrestling brought carter out of the shadows.

“Dixie may be back for revenge,” writes veteran wrestling expert Dan Mutzler, “and we can only hope she’s bringing Claire Lynch with her.”

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