Vince WWE
Vince McMahon adamantly denies that WWE Raw ever had an anonymous general manager.

When asked about the widely disliked Anonymous General Manager of Raw, WWE boss Vince McMahon recently denied that any such person ever existed.

“Never heard of such a thing,” said McMahon during a meeting of WWE shareholders.

A number of investors pressed McMahon on the matter, reminding him that, for more than a year, decisions on Monday Night Raw were made by an unseen leader who ruled the show via email messages sent to commentator Michael Cole.

One shareholder demanded that McMahon take accountability for the silly, drawn-out saga which eventually ended with mischievous midget Hornswoggle being “revealed” as the GM.

“Nope, doesn’t ring a bell,” McMahon responded. “I think I would remember something like that.”

During the shareholder meeting, McMahon also denied any recollection of Nathan Jones, Mordecai, Max Moon or Katie Vick.