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SWAT team costumes resembling those worn by The Shield went missing from a Stamford costume shop last month.

A costume shop in Stamford, CT has filed a report with local police after three SWAT team uniforms went missing last month.

Three extra-large SWAT costumes — part of the the CSI: Miami collection — were apparently shoplifted from Kooky Kostumes on the morning of Nov. 18.

Store employee Trisha Jenkins says she remembers three large men entering the shop that morning.

“The littlest guy talked a lot, but the biggest one just sort of stood there staring at me with his arms crossed,” Jenkins recalls.

“The little guy said something about injustice — or maybe it was insulation? I wasn’t really listening.”

When Jenkins finished helping another customer, she noticed that the three men were gone and several uniforms were missing.

“It was really inconvenient,” she said, “because a group of male strippers were supposed to rent the costumes that night.”