Cena Make a wish
John Cena surprised and puzzled Colt Cabana with a recent “Make-A-Wish” visit.

While recovering in hospital from emergency finger surgery, popular independent wrestler and podcaster Colt Cabana got an unexpected Make-A-Wish visit from WWE superstar John Cena.

When nurses told Cabana a “special guest from WWE” had come to see him, Cabana had assumed it would be close friend CM Punk.

Instead, Cabana was surprised and puzzled by the appearance of John Cena, who presented Cabana with an autographed 8X10 photo and a brightly colored t-shirt bearing the words “Rise Above Finger Infections.”

“Hang in there, little buddy,” said Cena, flashing his trademark smile. “I know you’ll get through this!”

Clad in a blue hospital gown with an intravenous drip in his arm, Cabana appeared puzzled by the visit, especially since Cena seemed not to remember the numerous times the two had met in the past.

The visit made Cabana wonder whether the prognosis for his infected finger is far more grave than doctors had initially told him.

Uncharacteristically, Cabana was at a loss for words during the encounter, and was only able to utter a half-hearted “Thankssssss.”