vaudevillains past endeavoured
The Vaudevillains may need to go work for Ring of Honourable Conduct Among Gentlemen.

Enthusiasts of professional grappling were gobsmacked today as newspaper headlines declared that the dapper duo known as The Vaudevillains had been past-endeavored by the Whole World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWWF).

In a telegram issued today from the company’s headquarters in Tin Pan Alley, spokesman Toots Mondt proclaimed: “WWWWF has come to terms with Aiden English and Simon Gotch on the termination of their gentlemen’s handshake agreement with our grappling league.”

Gotch and English were reportedly inconsolable, lacking the moxie to even ride their bicycles with oversized front wheels to the gymnasium, where they typically hoist large triangular weights until their fedoras are drenched with perspiration.

“I thought everything was ducky until those no-good ragamuffins turfed us,” said Gotch, angrily curling his moustache. “Those palookas gave us the bum’s rush, I tells ya.”

It it unclear exactly why The Vaudevillains got past-endeavoured, but some pundits of grapplery suggest it was because WWWWF is supporting women’s lib by promoting dames with gams that don’t quit.