Biggest wrestling fan
This man loves wrestling so much he even watches the pre-show to Raw! Experts believe he suffers from a rare neurological disorder.

Think you’re a fan of professional wrestling?

You’ve got nothing on 27-year-old Steve Myers of Tallahassee, who loves WWE so much that he actually watches all three hours of the company’s flagship weekly program, Monday Night Raw, in one sitting!

It sounds hard to believe, but Myers makes himself comfortable on his sofa every Monday — swaddled in a “Never Give Up” Snuggie with a bowl of Cheetos on his lap — and sits through Raw, Bellas and all, from beginning to end!

Unlike lesser fans of WWE — who pay close attention to Raw’s opening segment, check Twitter after the first commercial, and then drift in and out of consciousness until the main event — Myers watches with rapt attention, no matter how many backstage skits or plugs for the WWE App.

Because Myers isn’t very tech-savvy, he has yet to discover the benefits of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), which have enabled all other wrestling fans to watch the essential parts of Raw in less than 12 minutes every Tuesday.

Myers is such a huge fan of sports-entertainment, in fact, he even occasionally watches more than half of Smackdown!

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