Despite branding itself as an “alternative” to WWE, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is being criticized as “derivative” following the announcement today of its upcoming “AEW Reunion” event, which promises to “bring together top stars from AEW’s illustrious six-month history.”

AEW legends already confirmed for the reunion show include Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks (Matt and Tito Jackson), and even Chris Jericho, who hasn’t set foot inside an AEW ring since late May.

Die-hard fans have been begging for literally days for a reunion of the AEW stars of yestermonth.

Despite being eagerly anticipated by fans (tickets for the event remarkably sold out 5.3 nanoseconds before they went on sale, causing a slight tear in the spacetime continuum), pundits are criticizing the event as an unnecessary copycat of WWE’s recent Raw Reunion.

Whereas WWE has several decades of history and decrepit old-timers to draw from, AEW has existed for a mere eight months, and practically every member of its original roster remains with the company — even the decrepit old-timers.

Plans are also afoot for what AEW is calling a “historic” nine-month anniversary show in September, tentatively titled “Still In.”



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