All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has fired more shots in a burgeoning war with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) by announcing today that its stars will compete around the clock — and then some — for its new 25/8 Championship.

The holder of the new champion, to be crowned this August at All In 2: Electric Boogaloo, must be prepared to defend 25 hours a day, from Monday to Snursterday.

aew 258 championship
The 25/8 Championship, described as “the most beautiful belt in wrestling,” can be defended anytime day, night, or other.

Many pundits and fans believe the odds-on favorite to become the inaugural 25/8 Championship is Cody Rhodes, given his past experiences within the Fifth Dimension, where spacetime is especially fluid.

At a press conference today, a number of top AEW stars — including Rhodes, The Young Bucks (Matt & Tito Jackson), and the newly re-branded Kenny O’MAGA — vowed to claim the championship.

“I am 110 percent sure that I will win and defend the 25/8 championship 418 days a year,” said Rhodes, “in all five seasons, even if it is 25 o’clock on February 30th.”




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