undertaker return wwe
The Undertaker made a surprise return to WWE at a house show in Texas, since it happened to be a 20-minute walk from his home.

Legendary professional wrestler The Undertaker has emerged from seclusion and vowed that he will return to the WWE ring — if the ring happens to be a short stroll from his Texas home.

The Undertaker made good on his threat last weekend by making a surprise appearance at a WWE house show in Waco, which was a 20-minute brisk stroll from his ranch.

“I have arisen from the dark side and will wreak terror on the WWE, provided I can be home before The Daily Show starts,” the Phenom said in a press release.

“If WWE happens to be hosting an event in central Texas, that’s literally my yard, and any superstar who dares trespass in my yard will feel my wrath at a reasonable hour.”

Undertaker said he will “strike down with furious vengeance” on any wrestler who dares enter his zip code, but only if the match will be over fast enough for The Undertaker to be in bed by 11:30 p.m. to “rest in peace.”