Shield WWE
Dean Ambrose of the Shield makes a shaky video in which he demands software that will reduce the shakiness of his videos.

The members of renegade wrestling faction The Shield have released another handheld video threatening there “will be hell to pay” if they don’t get justice and some video stabilization software.

“We will continue attacking so-called superstars until we get retribution for the injustices of WWE — and until we’re able to make more professional-looking videos,” said faction leader Dean Ambrose in a grainy video statement.

“We will not wait any longer for justice or Adobe After Effects!”

Since first appearing in WWE last year, The Shield has issued a number of threatening video statements, each displaying a blatant disregard for basic filmaking techniques such as composition and lighting.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon said he “will never negotiate with terrorists,” and has suggested that the Shield just try using a tripod instead.