Vince Russo wrestling
Fans in the Impact Zone, tired of TNA’s silly storylines and poorly booked matches, have begun demanding the reinstatement of Vince Russo.

Fed up with preposterous storylines and silly matches, fans at a recent TNA Wrestling taping erupted into a resounding chant of “We Want Russo.”

The audience at a live TNA event, after sitting through a 25-minute skit in which TNA President belittled several of the company’s top stars, expressed their desire for TNA to re-hire controversial writer Vince Russo.

“We want Rus-so (clap-clap-clapclapclap),” chanted the fans, drowning out a rambling monologue by Hulk Hogan.

Later in the broadcast, during a long segment in which Aces & Eights chatted endlessly around a poker table, fans burst into a chant of “Bring Back Russo! Bring Back Russo!”

Backstage sources at TNA said the chants did not go unnoticed by TNA¬† Carter, who announced on Twitter that every future episode of Impact Wrestling will feature a “something-on-a-pole match.”