Undertaker Twitter
The Undertaker’s Twitter account reveals a more lighthearted side of his personality.

In an uncharacteristic departure from his usual dark persona, legendary professional wrestler The Undertaker yesterday tweeted a selfie showing him at a recent concert by pop star Justin Bieber.

Accompanying the photo in the tweet was the giddy caption: “Deadman is Belieber 4 Life! Phenom luvvvvs @JustinBieber xoxoxo!!!!”

The tweet came as a surprise to many members of the professional wrestling world, who have come to know The Undertaker for his brooding, ominous presence and his almost supernatural countenance.

After his recent streak-breaking loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, The Undertaker signed up for a Twitter account, and goes by the handle @TakerTime_69.

Executives within WWE are reportedly worried that the Undertaker is damaging his legacy through a series of tweets that reveal a less menacing, almost childlike side of his personality.

Other recent Tweets have included:

– “OMG paul heman is the worst LOL! #wallrus (sic)”

– “Me and Michelle r going shoe shopping – yay saturdays!”

– “Cant believe i lost to brock LOL. My bad! #FML”

– D-Bry rocks! #YesYesYes

The Undertaker also recently posted a new gallery of selfies and pictures of his kitten, Mr. Snugglepuss, on Facebook.