Goldberg versus ryback
Ryback admits he is frequently confused when fans chant “gold bird” during his matches.

Menacing professional wrestler Ryback admits he is “completely stumped” as to why fans continually chant the words “gold bird” when he is in the ring.

“I think it must be a compliment, but I’m not sure,” confessed the latest protege of manager Paul Heyman.

“Perhaps they’re comparing me to the mythical phoenix that rose from the ashes? I think it was a golden bird.”

Ryback is apparently unaware that fans around the world have actually been chanting “Goldberg,” referring to former wrestler Bill Goldberg, with whom Ryback shares a strong physical and stylistic resemblance.

Ryback admittedly “didn’t watch much wrestling” until fairly recently, so he has never seen or heard of the legendary winning streak of Goldberg, whose ring entrances were accompanied by the roar of fans repeatedly chanting his surname.

Nobody has had the heart to tell Ryback the true meaning of the chant, mainly because he’s been a real dick lately.