Warrior wwe 2k14
The Ultimate Warrior will have a realistic moveset in the upcoming WWE 2K14 game.

Wrestling fans are abuzz this week with news that the elusive Ultimate Warrior will be a playable character in the upcoming WWE 2K14 video game, complete with a realistic arsenal of three maneuvers.

An advertisement featuring the Ultimate Warrior — showing off his signature trifecta of clothesline, splash and press slam — went viral yesterday, leaving gamers and wrestling fans yearning to control the muscular, nonsensical lunatic.

“I can’t wait to play as the Ultimate Warrior,” wrote one fan on a Reddit thread devoted to the game. “I hate having to memorize large movesets.”

According to the studio behind the game, Yuke’s, players will need only to randomly mash buttons on their controllers in order to perform the Warrior’s rudimentary offence.

In addition, pressing the R1 trigger button will cause the Warrior to sprint to the ring, and R2 will make him gasp for breath afterward.

Holding down either of the left triggers will cause the Warrior to growl a completely incoherent, and occasionally racist, diatribe.

According to the Warrior himself, the game will be released “when the astral plane converges upon the cosmic calamity foretold by the ancient scribes.”