CM Punk Paul Heyman
CM Punk (right) and Paul Heyman (skullet) briefly separated last night before reuniting with some great make-up sex.

After an acrimonious and violent rivalry, CM Punk and Paul Heyman have reunited at a Detroit hotel and to engage in some fantastic make-up sex.

According to a WWE performer  in an adjacent hotel room, a period of angry shouting was followed by hushed apologies, and then noisily creaking bedsprings, a thumping headboard and repeated exclamations of “Best in the world!”

The raucous marathon of conciliatory lovemaking came on the heels of bitter feud between the former partners.

People close to Heyman and Punk say the pair has always had a “fiery” relationship, but the most recent spat, and the exuberant coitus that followed, were by far the most passionate.

Moments ago, Punk tweeted: “The walrus is definitely a wild animal.”