Tout vs twitter
WWE encourages all fans to tweet touts via the WWE app and share on Facebook.

Demonstrating his impressive knack for social media technology, professional wrestling commentator Michael Cole today used the WWE App to tweet aTout during a YouTube video posted on WWE’s Facebook page.

The tweet, which contained a Tout (a 15-second clip that depicted a wrestler tweeting a Vine of a Snapchat), was first uploaded to YouTube, then posted on Facebook, allowing it to be seen by users of the WWE smartphone app, then shared via Twitter.

Wrestling fans worldwide then began retweeting the tweet, which linked to the Tout, allowing their own Twitter followers to watch the Touted Vine of the Snapchat.

“Isn’t this great?” exclaimed Cole. “It’s such a simple way to stay connected with the WWE Universe!”

Soon, the retweeted Tout of the Vine-shared Snapchat on YouTube was trending on Twaddle, with thousands of Twats tooting the hashtag #TooManyTwits.