josh cedric alexander
Identical twin brothers Josh (left) and Cedrick (right)

After years of estrangement, identical twin brothers Cedric and Josh Alexander are putting their differences aside to honour their family legendary wrestling history by teaming up as The Alexander Dynasty. 

Born only minutes apart, Cedric and Josh grew up as most twin boys do — tussling in the backyard, playing pranks, swapping girlfriends, and eventually learning to wrestle under the tutelage of their legendary father Stu Alexander, who ran the Edmonton Corral Wrestling territory from 1956 until 1982. 

Minor complications during the twins’ birth led to a Josh developing embarrassingly large ears, which he hides under a protective headgear to this day. 

Josh’s headgear, and a small comet-shaped birthmark on Cedric’s lower back, remain the only distinguishable features that allow most people to tell the twins apart. 

Cedric and Josh look so much alike, in fact, that they’ve have fooled many referees in tag-team bouts by secretly swapping a fresh brother in for a struggling one — a sneaky subterfuge the boys call Twin Illusion. 

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