trump 100 days In the crucial first 100 days of his presidency, Donald Trump has earned a record-low approval rating from the American populace, largely because Roman Reigns defeated the Undertaker while Trump was in office. 

Amid a slew of broken promises, backpedaling, doublespeak and incoherent foreign policy, Trump’s most egregious misstep has been allowing — on American soil — for a legend like the Undertaker to be defeated by a milquetoast ham-end-egger like Reigns. 

“How could he just let this happen?” said CNN political commentator Fox Blutzner. “Isn’t he supposed to make America great again? Reigns? Seriously?”

Some political pundits insist that the American president has no sway over the result of pro wrestling matches, but Trump’s long history with WWE and the McMahon family suggest otherwise. 

A document released today by Wikileaks reveals that Trump “is a huge Reigns fan,” and “jumped up and down like a candy-fuelled toddler” while watching the WrestleMania main event at his Mar-A-Lago Playtime Mansion. 

Other Wikileaks document also reveal that Trump is also responsible for the pointless interruption by that football numbnuts during the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.