dumpster matchJust one day after being viciously hurled into a Dumpster-brand sanitation bin, masked professional wrestler Kalisto is reportedly “settling in nicely” at the Kansas City Municipal Landfill, where he was deposited following the assault. 

Although medical professionals intended to whisk Kalisto to the hospital after Braun Strowman shoved the dumpster containing him off the Raw stage, some backstage confusion led to pint-sized luchador being loaded into a garbage truck instead. 

Thankfully, within minutes of arriving at the landfill, Kalisto found a rickety old trampoline, which he has been using to soar gracefully over steaming piles of refuse, to the great amusement of several diseased seagulls. 

Although Kalisto officially defeated Strowman in the match — his first victory in 17 months — an enraged Strowman hurled him in the dumpster, ostensibly to make people care about an upcoming match with Roman Reigns. 

Lucky for Kalisto, his fall was softened by Chainsaw Charlie, who has been living in the dumpster since 1998.