Ashamed of showing his soft side earlier this week, Triple H returned to his usual ways today.

After revealing his softer, friendlier side this week, WWE executive Hunter Hearst Helmsley (or “Triple H”) sought to re-establish his nefarious reputation today by socking an 18-month-old boy right in the kisser.

Helmsley made headlines across the internet this week when he briefly stepped out of his on-air persona — an evil corporate megalomaniac inexplicably determined to destroy his golden goose, John Cena — to console a crying fan at ringside.

After reportedly receiving a stern lecture about “never showing weakness” from father-in-law and insane genius Vince McMahon, Helmsley resumed his evil ways with an unprovoked assault on little Timmy McCray of Wisconsin.

Helmsley spotted the boy leaning on the ringside barricade at a WWE live event in Green Bay, and abruptly punched him right in the mouth (simultaneously stomping his foot for added effect).

Helmsley then snapped a photo of the screaming baby and posted it on Twitter with the caption: “Still got it.”

A lawsuit is pending, though WWE legal counsel David Otunga will likely seek a quiet, out-of-court settlement via free WrestleMania tickets.