Sting WWE
Sting is reportedly “exhausted” from appearing on WWE programming twice in as many years.

Sources within World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) reveal that legendary professional wrestler Sting has resigned from the company, citing “burnout” from the rigors of non-stop touring and silent glowering.

The enigmatic wrestler, who made his first WWE appearance at Survivor Series last November and then another last night on Monday Night Raw, said he just “can’t spend so much time away from family anymore.”

In a prepared statement for reporters, Sting explained: “The airplanes, the hotels, the rental cars, the facepaint rashes — it takes such a toll, and I need a rest.”

Sting’s much-ballyhooed arrival in WWE late last year was considered a milestone in professional wrestling, since he was one of the only remaining major stars of the industry never to have performed in a WWE ring.

But with a seemingly endless string of two appearances under his belt, and another rumored for WrestleMania in March, the Icon realized he just couldn’t continue at such a gruelling pace.

Sting was last seen with Brock Lesnar as the duo were en route to the bank, laughing.