TNA-for-saleAfter weeks of speculation about a potential sale, struggling professional wrestling promotion Total Non-Stop Action has been listed on the online auction site eBay.

According to the description on the page, TNA Wrestling is “a bit of a fixer-upper, but a great turn-key operation ready for a first-time promoter with some big ideas and some elbow grease.”

The auction ends in five days and nine hours, at which time the highest bidder will receive:

– Full rights to TNA trademarks and branding

– Two rings (four-sided and a six-sided)

– A full roster of wrestlers, some of whom have not yet fully tarnished their reputations

– Garett Bischoff (optional — buyer reserves the right to decline)

– An undisclosed amount of debt

It is widely believed that the company was listed on eBay after President Dixie Carter was unable to find a potential buyer through conventional means or begging.

There have been four bidders on the auction so far, whose usernames are EB_NWO4LIfe, Snake_DDT, VinnieMac69, and Naitch.

The highest bid is currently $112.75, which many wrestling experts believe is a fair valuation.