Billy Corgan has expressed an interest in purchasing the Rassling Bumpkins (TNA).

Billy Corgan, lead singer of 1990s alt-rock band The Smashing Pumpkins, has reportedly expressed an interest in purchasing a bunch of Rassling Bumpkins.

The Bumpkins, also known as Tennessee-based wrestling promotion Total Non-Stop Action (TNA), have been reportedly seeking a buyer amid dwindling revenues, and the rock star apparently has excessive amounts of money to waste.

Corgan, who already runs an independent wrestling promotion called Resistance Pro, reportedly likes to surround himself with muscular, half-naked, oil-slathered men.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for underdogs,” Corgan wrote on Twitter, “so I just want to help out those poor ol’ rassling bumpkins.”

Corgan has made a number of strange wrestling-related financial decisions recently, such as betting against the Undertaker at the last several WrestleManias, and investing heavily in Tout.