Sheep mask erick rowan
Wolf-Mask Guy is hunting his arch-rival, Erick Rowan.

Professional wrestler and inbred redneck Erick Rowan admitted today that he is terrified of the impending WWE debut of his longtime arch-nemesis, Wolf-Mask Guy.

Rowan, a gargantuan member of the Wyatt Family who frequently wears a white sheep mask to the ring, says the mysterious man in the wolf mask is his only natural enemy.

“I ain’t afraid of no man,” said Rowan, his voice muffled behind the plastic sheep’s mask, “except a man twisted enough to wear a wolf mask.”

Little is known about Wolf Mask Guy, who is slated to make his WWE debut on an upcoming episode of Raw, except that he tracked down his arch-rival by following some buzzards.

Whereas Bray Wyatt, the leader of the Wyatt Family, is reputedly an eater of worlds, Wolf Mask Guy purports to be an eater of sheep.

Wolf-Mask Guy has left a number of cryptic, threatening notes around WWE locker rooms, which simply read: “Follow the Mutton.”