tna wrestling hogan
Hulk Hogan (right) and daughter Brooke demonstrate yet again that, when it comes to TNA Wrestling, Hogan does not actually know best.

For the 37th consecutive week, TNA’s Impact Wrestling demonstrated that, quite contrary to the phrase coined by another TV show, Hogan clearly does not know best.

When the in-ring wedding of his daughter Brooke turned into a convoluted fiasco, Hogan was yet again proven to not know best.

It was only the most recent in a long series of poorly conceived and badly executed events on Impact Wrestling — all of which were dreamed up by Hogan, demonstrating his utter inability to know best.

It was Hogan who dreamed up the Claire Lynch debacle a few months ago, as well as the Gut Check Challenge and other ill-fated TNA concepts, which completely belie the supposition that Hogan knows best.

Hogan says he is considering one more main-event run in WWE, which is case-closed proof that he truly does not know best.



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