Shot in Eye Rock Punk
Thomas Dotterer is recovering after shooting himself in the eye to avoid seeing a rematch between The Rock and John Cena.

Thomas Dotterer, the New York man who was shot in his right eye during a liquor store robbery, has shot himself in the other eye to ensure he wouldn’t be able to see the rumored WrestleMania rematch between The Rock and John Cena.

Seventy-seven-year-old Dotterer made international headlines this week when he said the worst part of his week was not getting shot, but instead witnessing The Rock defeat CM Punk at the WWE Royal Rumble.

Enduring another WrestleMania showdown between The Rock and John Cena — even though last year’s match was billed as a “Once in a Lifetime” match — would merely “add insult to injury,” Dotterer said.

“I’ve worked hard at this liquor store my whole life,” said Dotterer, both eyes covered by white gauze.

“I”m not about to spend my hard-earned money to see another Rock-Cena match.”

Surgeons told Dotterer they might be able to restore partial vision in his right eye, to which Dotterer replied: “Only if it’s Punk versus ‘Taker at Mania”