TNA invasion
Dixie Carter is hell-bent on destroying WWE via an ingenious invasion by TNA double-agents.

Dixie Kennedy Carter, the billionaire impresario behind sports-entertainment juggernaut Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, cackled today that her ingenious “invasion” of small-time competitor World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is “unfolding precisely as planned.”

From her opulent office atop TNA’s corporate headquarters, Tennessee Towers, Carter laughed maniacally as she watched her latest double-agent, AJ Styles, infiltrate WWE’s Royal Rumble.

“Excellent,” Carter whispered, grinning sinisterly as WWE fans chanted for Styles. “Those mindless pawns don’t realize they are being played.”

Carter’s henchmen have been steadily invading the WWE ranks for months, including: the Dudley Boyz, James Storm, Consequences Creed (known in WWE as Xavier Woods), Austin Aries, Samoa Joe (known in WWE as Jey Uso), and now AJ Styles.

Carter is known in the pro wrestling industry as an “evil genius” who will stop at nothing to squash the competition, even if the competition is as relatively small and harmless as McMahon’s floundering WWE.

The TNA mogul licked her lips in delight as AJ Styles drew big cheers on Raw, and told her corporate stooges that WWE will have “no chance in hell” once her loyal spies sabotage the company.