AJ STyles rumble
WWE fans booed AJ Styles out of the building after he lost the Royal Rumble.

After weeks of anticipation, the much-ballyhooed World Wrestling Entertainment debut of AJ Styles turned out to be a flop when the wrestler lost his first match, leaving him no choice but to return, shamefaced, to Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling.

Styles failed to live up to the hype when, having only eliminated the likes of Tyler Breeze and Curtis Axel, he was hurled from the Royal Rumble match.

He was booed out of the arena and quickly forgotten about by fans who demand excellence.

“I thought I had what it takes to make it in the big leagues,” a teary-eyed Styles told reporters after the event. “Clearly I was wrong.”

Losing a debut match is almost unheard-of for an incoming WWE talent — especially one accompanied with as much fanfare as Styles — so many pundits believe Styles wrestling career may be effectively over.

Sources within TNA have revealed that Styles will soon be involved in a sordid storyline with a returning Claire Lynch.