Jey Jimmy
Terrence McClusker displays his discerning tastes in wrestlers

WWE superstar Jey Uso is “a hugely underrated talent who deserves a main-event push,” insists discerning wrestling fan Terrence McClusker, who also insists Jimmy Uso is a “no-talent jabroni.”

McClusker is a self-described “wrestling connoisseur and critic” whose weekly podcast, Gettin’ Over, boasts a readership of nearly a dozen annoyingly high-minded fans.

On a recent episode, McClusker insisted that Uso brothers “couldn’t be any more different,” and claimed that “only an idiot would consider them equals.”

“If Jey Uso is the Shawn Michaels of that team,” he said, “then Jimmy is the lost smile.”

McClusker’s other bold, pretentious proclamations have included:

  • “Conquistador #2 couldn’t lace the boots of Conquistador #1”
  • “Earl Hebner can officiate circles around his brother!”
  • “Francesca sounded rich and soulful, but Francesca Two is has a flat, tinny timbre.”

McClusker, it should go without saying, is single.