Undertaker entrance
Ten minutes after his awe-inspiring entrance to Taco Bell, The Undertaker asked an employee for the key to the bathroom.

A bell tolled and cracks of lightning flashed across the blackened sky today as legendary professional sports-entertainer The Undertaker strode ominously to the counter of a Death Valley-area Taco Bell and ordered a Cheesy Gordita Crunch Combo.

The fluorescent overhead lights of the Mexican eatery, which had mysteriously gone dark moments earlier, flickered back to life as The Deadman raised his arms and asked whether the Crunchwrap Supreme is gluten free.

But dumbstruck employees could only watch in awe as the Phenom then slowly removed his wide-brimmed black hat and, with eyes rolled back in his head, ordered a side of fries instead.

Asked by an employee whether he would like like the fries plain or with toppings, he stared straight into the employee’s eyes — nay, into his very soul — and snarled: “Dressed in cheeeeeeese.”


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