Terry funk retirement
Terry Funk intends to stay retired “at least until Friday.”

Professional wrestler Terry Funk achieved another milestone in his legendary career last weekend when he wrestled his 100th retirement match.

The wily veteran from Amarillo’s Double-Cross Ranch came out of his 99th retirement to challenge brother Dory, who just celebrated his 115th birthday, to “one final match before riding off into the sunset.”

The duo squared off in a No-Holds-Barred Texas Bullrope Deathmatch, which featured a 25-minute spinning-toe-hold by Dory before ending in a time-limit draw.

Referee Dennis Stamp (who was just happy to be booked) was clearly the most physically fit man in the ring, thanks largely to his daily regimen of trampoline workouts.

The Funk brothers hugged after the final bell, and Terry told the audience of 75 fans that he now intends to remain retired “forever, forever, forever, forever, forever.”

Terry Funk is scheduled to perform this Saturday at WrestleCon in New Jersey.


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