Sting WWE
Keith McFadden (second from right) fooled even top WWE stars like Hulk Hogan and Daniel Bryan with his convincing Sting costume.

Keith McFadden, a 48-year-old telemarketer from Minnesota, fooled everyone at the San Diego Comic-Con today with his remarkably convincing Sting costume.

Even World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) personalities were duped by the get-up, which resulted in countless tweets and headlines blaring that Sting had made his first official WWE public appearance.

“Wow,” said McFadden as he wiped off black-and-white facepaint in the nearby Motel 6 where he is staying. “I wasn’t expecting all that hoopla. I was just hoping for a photo with Daniel Bryan.”

McFadden is an avid cosplayer (or costume player, or weirdo), and has attended previous comic book conventions as The Undertaker, Boba Fett, and the 40-Year Old Virgin (he didn’t have time to make a costume that year).

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that the real Sting — who has never worked for WWE in his illustrious professional wrestling career — might soon make his debut.

Amid such hopeful anticipation, it seems, fans and WWE personalities at the convention jumped to the conclusion that the costumed McFadden was truly the mysterious wrestler.

The real Sting is reportedly still in contract negotiations with WWE and spent his day at a Florida beach, blissfully not wearing facepaint or a trenchcoat.

McFadden, meanwhile, hopes his extraordinary Sting costume might improve his chances of finally kissing a girl.