Daniel bryan burglar
Daniel Bryan apprehended Repo Man (inset), even though he had an ax.

Popular professional wrestler Daniel Bryan took the law into his own hands yesterday when, upon spotting a prowler burglarizing his Phoenix home, he chased and apprehended the culprit, Repo Man.

Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella, were pulling into the carport of their Arcadia-area home when they spotted a masked man wearing a long trenchcoat covered in zig-zagging tire tracks.

The culprit was sneaking around the house in a theatrical manner, tip-toeing and giggling, with a long chain and winch hook draped around his neck.

Bryan chased the culprit down a nearby street before tackling him to the blacktop with what one witness described as a “smash.”

It appeared that Repo Man had attempted to demolish a door into Bryan’s house with an ax, and had begun “repossessing” a number of items, including a set of golf clubs and a first-edition biography of Russian politician Nikita Khruschev.

Asked if he will press charges against Repo Man, Bryan simply replied: “Yes.”


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