Lesnar goldberg
Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg managed to put their enmity aside in the spirit of holiday giving.

Tensions flared today at World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) corporate headquarters in Stamford when Brock Lesnar chose arch-nemesis Goldberg during the annual “Secret Santa” gift exchange.

An awkward hush fell over the conference room, where WWE corporate executives and superstars had gathered for Vince McMahon’s Annual Christmas potluck, when Lesnar and Goldberg locked eyes.

For nearly a minute, neither man utter a word or blinked, until Lesnar finally handed over small gift-wrapped box: “I guess this is for you.”

Without breaking his steely eye-contact, Goldberg unwrapped the present — a bottle of lavender-scented moisturizing cream from Bath & Body Works, which Lesnar purchased according to the ten-dollar spending limit for the Secret Santa exchange.

“Thanks,” Goldberg said, diffusing the tension and applying some of the lotion to his chapped hands.

“Okay,” he added, looking under the Christmas tree, “who’s next?”

Things then became weird again when Sheamus gave his present — a hairdryer — to Cesaro.


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