epico zaynHaving barely escaped in one piece after a ten-minute encounter last night with Braun Strowman, rookie profession wrestler Sami Zayn will tempt fate again tonight on WWE Raw when he faces Epico.

Zayn, a plucky upstart with very little experience but a big heart, is determined to make a name for himself in sports-entertainment by challenging much larger, tougher opponents.

Although Zayn somehow managed to survive his showdown with Strowman, most wrestling pundits believe he will be drastically outmatched by Epico, whose undefeated streak is nearly eight days long.

Raw General Manager Mick Foley has reportedly been clutching a white towel all day, ready to throw it in the ring if Epico unleashes the violent fury for which he is notorious.

If Zayn wins tonight — and that’s a big if — he will be granted a WrestleMania match against WWE’s most dominant force, James Ellsworth.